It’s less than 24 hours to my birthday and all I have, is mixed feelings about the whole celebration. I sincerely must appreciate God for how far he has brought me considering the ‘few’ years I have been privileged to spend on earth. I am always amazed when I look back and see the things God has used me to do. I sincerely recognize that it has been all of him and none of me. How else would you describe been giving the opportunity to serve as a Microsoft Internet safety ambassador, receiving the Nigerian National youth awards(Gold category), Getting nominated @ The Future Awards 2010, Representing Nigeria @ The William J Clinton global Initiative University, Being privileged to meet great people like Hanson Iheuko, faith Adeniji, Sarah Osas, Tolulope ariwodola, Busola Odunuga, and a host of others @ team YGC-Africa...These guys are the real deal!!!. It’s all been God and i’m extremely grateful.

To those that know me especially team members at YGC-Africa they would tell you that I radiate tremendous passion in our quest to deliver the transformation agenda. This is not forced passion but in-built passion from God. Just like he told Jeremiah he was going to put words in his mouth and whatever he said, would be God’s so, he has lighted up a fire in me that continuously drives me.

I share a great passion for this country. This is constantly rekindled when I come across U-40’s like fela DUROTOYE, gbenga SESAN, dayo ISRAEL, chude JIDEONWO, ohimai AMAIZE, steve HARRIS, and several others!!!.

I have come to understand that passion for one’s country could actually be read up on one’s face. This was what led to an unforeseen discussion a cab bus driver engaged me while we were both waiting for the bus to get filled up. The subject matter of course was the Nigerian State. He showed his frustration of how things were going on in the country. Touching down in various sectors including manufacturing and sports, since I was seating close to him,he continuously complained to me every time his bus entered the numerous pot holes that made the journey not so smooth...

Just as we were about reaching my destination, a heavily armed policeman flagged down the bus. Before the policeman said anything, the bus driver asked the policeman if he had 200 Naira change(That statement is so synonymous with touts at the park and at almost every bus- stop). I couldn’t help but wonder why a security force is now a commercial force as the man helplessly looked for a change of 150 naira. With all these factors coming together I ask myself if it’s really worth celebrating in such an inconducive environment.

In the words of fela DUROTOYE, ‘talk is cheap’ . Let’s not just be the change with our comments and status updates on facebook and other social networking sites. We have a duty to take it a step further and act!. We must constantly say to ourselves that in our lifetime, things will never remain the same. There will be an unexplainable shift in the fortunes of Nigeria!.

All the same, it’s awesome to see another year. Thanks all for being there. God bless you real good.

Warm regards,